Monday, August 30, 2010

Still waiting on some NASCAR moves

   The announcement on Monday that Ramsey Poston would step down later this season from his role as manager of corporate communications for NASCAR brought a flashback of another personnel move that got a lot of attention in the sport.

   The difference, though, is that move - the departure of Sprint Cup Series director John Darby into a managerial role - has yet to take place. There was never a timetable put on the move but it was announced on Jan. 19 and that was a mere seven months ago.

   In the days following Darby's announcement, which took place during the annual media tour, stories popped up for days with speculation on his replacement and what his new role would entail. Now seven months later, most people in the sport have likely forgotten he was even supposed to leave.

   What's taking so long? If it takes more than seven months to find a suitable replacement for Darby as Cup series director, I hasten to think how long it will take NASCAR to find its new Chief Information Officer. This was not to be a quick move, either. Part of the announcement in January was Darby would work alongside the new director while he was in training. We haven't even gotten to the selection part, yet.

   I'd hold off on all the pronouncements of Poston's departure given NASCAR's recent track record. However, I will say this: If the new CIO position is filled before Darby's replacement is announced, you will get a good idea where NASCAR's priorities lie these days.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome to the Lucky Dog

   In roughly 13 seasons covering NASCAR for The Observer and its racing Web site,, I have had more conversations than I can remember about the sport.

   But I'm going to start another one. This one is with you.

   My only previous experience with blogging until now was the creation of The Gold Mine blog on, which focused entirely on UNC Charlotte athletics. Over the course of several years covering the 49ers I was able to develop a strong following, inspire some debate (sometimes heated) and provide some insights and news items of interest to fans in addition to what they found in the Observer.

   My goal with The Lucky Dog blog is the same: Provide insight, opinion, news and occasionally a surprise or too that will help NASCAR and racing fans gain a better and broader perspective of the sport and the issues that surround it and the players in it.

   I have included on this blog some links and pictures of other areas that interest me besides NASCAR. At any time feel free to drop me an email to share your own experiences or places I should visit.