Monday, January 23, 2012

Kyle Busch talks NASCAR Trucks

   While Kyle Busch will run from 13 to 15 Nationwide Series races this season, he will no longer complete in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series - the first time he hasn't made a series start since the 2003 season.
   During Monday's first day of the Sprint Media Tour hosted by Charlotte Motor Speedway, Busch talked more in-depth about the decision not to compete in the series and how it may affect his quest to win 200 races in NASCAR's three national series.

   Q: Do you see any situations where you may start competing in the NCWTS again in the future?
   Busch: “To me, I think we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Truthfully, I don’t have to run Truck races. My fans love it and I love racing Truck races for them, but, like I said, I would love to see Kyle Busch Motorsports be able to sustain itself on its own and not have to have me in the seat every single week in a Truck race or Nationwide Series race.”

   Q: Does this make your 200 wins goal more difficult and eliminate something you find fun?
   Busch: “We’ll see. There’s no telling. Certainly, I wish that we could win eight races a year in Cup and eight races a year in Nationwide and right there you’re at 16 wins a year, so that’s not that bad. Granted, you run Truck races you can probably win five or six, so that puts you at 21 or 22 races a year. The focal point now is -- and has been -- although I want the 200 wins someday, the focal point needs to be on the Cup deal and trying to win a championship there, of course, and put my primary focus into that.”

   Q: Is the goal of cutting the NCWTS races to be stronger in the Chase?
   Busch: “Certainly, it all relates to one another. It’s all circumstantial upon something else. I think running less races is also a conditioning tool. I’ve been working really hard in the off-season in doing some things and running less races will also help that, but just being more focused and just trying to operate more on a level field with Dave (Rogers, crew chief) and how much he works and how hard he works and I’ve got to do the same.”

   Q: Do you think cutting back on your Nationwide and Truck schedule will be beneficial?
   Busch: “It’s certainly a possibility, but you know in 2008 and 2009 I ran the most races that I’ve ever run in a season and didn’t have any issues. Things went pretty well those couple of years. I think it’s been most frustrating for me because I’m getting more and more into my Cup Series career and I have yet to win a championship. For me, you get down to the end of the season and the first 26 races go well and then you start the Chase and you kind of fumble a little bit and you’re chasing a ball sometimes. We still had a shot -- we were running fourth or fifth in points at Talladega and then got crashed out there. Then we’re fifth in points or something like that in Martinsville and we get crashed out there. Your whole season’s shot. It’s not like one week’s gone -- like you didn’t win that race or something. You’ve got to wait all the way until next February to start a whole new year in order to get down to November. Think about it -- when you throw a whole year of your life away, it’s like, ‘Damn, this sucks.”