Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NASCAR statement on grand jury's decision regarding Tony Stewart

   "There are no winners in tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the Kevin Ward Jr. family and Tony Stewart as they all cope with this tragic incident at Canandaigua Motorsports Park. This has been a difficult time for everyone involved and we have respected the local authorities responsible for reviewing this case.”

Tony Stewart statement on grand jury's decision

   The following is a statement from Tony Stewart regarding the grand jury’s decision.

   “This has been the toughest and most emotional experience of my life, and it will stay with me forever. I’m very grateful for all the support I’ve received and continue to receive. 

   “I respect everything the District Attorney and Sheriff’s Office did to thoroughly investigate this tragic accident. While the process was long and emotionally difficult, it allowed for all the facts of the accident to be identified and known.  

   “While much of the attention has been on me, it’s important to remember a young man lost his life. Kevin Ward Jr.’s family and friends will always be in my thoughts and prayers.”

Statement from Ontario County (NY) district attorney's office regarding Tony Stewart

DATE: September 24, 2014

This week an Ontario County grand jury has been meeting to hear testimony and review evidence gathered in the Tony Stewart matter, relating to the death of Kevin Ward at the Canandaigua Motor Speedway on August 9, 2014. The grand jury has completed its investigation.

During the course of the grand jury presentation, approximately two dozen witnesses testified. These included a number of race car drivers, racetrack employees and volunteers, two accident reconstruction experts, medical personnel, and a number of police officers. In addition, the grand jury reviewed a number of photographs and video recordings, as well as other documentary evidence. After listening to and questioning all of the witnesses, and reviewing all of the evidence, the grand jury has determined that there is no basis to charge Tony Stewart with any crimes; his case was “No-Billed” by the grand jury.  

Michael Tantillo
Ontario County District Attorney

Report: Grand jury begins to hear testimony in Tony Stewart case

   According to a report in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, the grand jury in Ontario County (N.Y.) began hearing testimony on Tuesday regarding the Aug. 9 incident at Canandaigua (N.Y.) Motorsports Park involving NASCAR driver Tony Stewart that resulted in the death of fellow driver Kevin Ward Jr.

   Stewart was driving a sprint car that struck and killed the 20-year-old Ward while he was walking on the track while the race was under caution. Ward and Stewart had been involved in a prior accident on the track.

   Among the first witnesses, according to the report, called was Chuck Hebing, who was driving the car in front of Stewart and passed Ward without incident.

   To read more on grand jury proceeding, go here.

   There is no timetable for grand jury; it could be days or weeks before it decides whether to charge Stewart in the incident.