Saturday, July 30, 2011

Carl Edwards decision is like the U.S. reaching its debt ceiling?

   Leave it to Greg Biffle to present a real-world analogy to a NASCAR issue.

   On Friday, Biffle was asked how he thought team owner Jack Roush would respond if teammate Carl Edwards announced he was leaving the organization at the end of the year but still had some racing left with the team.

   Biffle's reply: "It’s obvious that it’s coming to a head, kind of like whether we’re gonna approve the debt ceiling or not. At some point he’s gonna have to say that I’m not coming back. He’s not gonna be able to wait until Homestead, we all know that, so Carl is a big boy, he’s a man and he has to make his own decisions.

   "Eventually, he’s gonna have to make a decision and it’ll be best for everybody so, one, we can plan for sponsorships and drivers and teams and people. There are a lot of people’s jobs on the line – if we’re gonna be three teams or four teams – so the sooner the better. I understand contract negotiations take a long time and there is a lot to them, but truly if you know or you’ve made a decision, then it’s time to give everybody enough opportunity to make their decision on the back side of that.”

   Biffle admitted he has been in a similar position in his career with Roush on contract talks but always felt he left everyone know as soon as he reached a decision.

   "It’s tough, but one thing I always did is when I knew what I was doing, then I said, ‘This is what I’m gonna do,' " he said. "You can’t have a deal done or plan to have a deal done and not let everybody know, so that it’s fair for everyone to go make a plan on what’s next.”