Friday, May 17, 2013

Obituary for retired NASCAR driver Dick Trickle

The following obituary was posted on the Web site for Warlick Funeral Home:

Richard Trickle
(October 27, 1941 - May 16, 2013 )
Richard “Dick” Trickle, age 71, of Iron Station, NC died of a self-inflicted gunshot.  He had been suffering for some time with severe chronic pain, had seen many doctors, none of which could find the source of his pain.  His family as well as all those who knew him, find his death very hard to accept, and though we will hurt from losing him for some time, he’s no longer suffering and we take comfort knowing he’s with his very special angel. 
He is survived by his wife Darlene (McMahon)Trickle, three children Victoria Bowman (John), Tod Trickle, and Chad Trickle (Shannon), and 3 grandchildren, Lucas Bowman, Courtney Trickle and Carlee Trickle.  He lost his oldest grandchild Nicole Bowman in a tragic car accident nearly 12 years ago.  He was the son of the late Leo and Lauretta Trickle and is survived by his brothers Duaine Trickle, Charles Trickle and sisters Delores Iwanski, and Susan Trickle. 
Dick’s passion in life was his racing.  He touched many lives throughout his career, provided memories for many that will last a lifetime. Many thought when he retired he would continue as a car owner, but he was driver at heart, he wanted to be behind the wheel and be in control of his destiny.   We believe he felt himself no longer able to be behind that wheel of life or be the man he only knew how to be because of the pain and suffering. 
His passion was racing but his love was his family.  This is a very difficult time for the family, they hope everyone will understand and respect their wishes to have private services for his funeral.  They appreciate all the calls, messages, and letters of support, but at this time need to be together as a family. 
There have been requests for where to send flowers, in lieu of flowers the family has asked that a donation be made in Memory of Dick to: Victory Junction, 4500 Adams Way, Randleman, NC  27317.  They thank you for all your love, thoughts, and prayers.

Kyle Busch talks about his battle with Kasey Kahne at Darlington

  Kyle Busch talked Friday at Charlotte Motor Speedway, the first time since he came up short in last Saturday night's Southern 500 at Darlington (S.C.) Raceway. Busch and Kasey Kahne raced hard for the lead until Kahne slapped the wall. Matt Kenseth then passed Busch for the win with 12 laps to go.

   Busch left the track without comment but was asked Friday how he would race Khane.    Here was his response:

   "You race him (Kasey Kahne) just has hard as you race him any other week. The first two instances were a mistake, just misjudgment. Kasey admitted it, he had to get on the brakes in Daytona and checked up a little bit and I ran over him. You couldn't really see through the cars in front of you to see what was happening. Daytona I just misjudged, I wanted to pull
out and thought last second that I was going to stay in line and push Kasey. I turned him sideways when I was coming back in line. Last week was just hard racing. You're in the last three laps and you're past the last pit stop and it's all about track position. For us, we were racing as hard as we could.  He pulled a huge slide job on me in turn three and I got back to his inside and I had been running down there on the flat all night and had been passing lapped cars down there and some of my restarts were even that low on the race track. I didn't think there was going to be a problem and when I got down there I just got tight and pushed up a little bit. Whether or not we touched, I think that's insignificant because I'm not racing to wreck Kasey Kahne, but Kasey Kahne did crash because of me so it's a part of hard racing at the end of the race and I hate that it keeps being the same guy, but if it were a Matt Kenseth on a Tony Stewart we probably wouldn't see a story," Busch said.

   Have the incidents occurred with Kasey Kahne due to both of you racing up front?
   Busch: "It's got some merit to it sure. Being up front racing with a guy, Kasey (Kahne), he won Bristol and I think we finished second to him there and then obviously he ran well at Vegas and he ran well at Kansas. We were up front at Vegas with him and running well there, but you run up front and you try for wins in the last 30 laps and you have to give it everything you've got. You're not there to rollover and let a guy go. Even the Darlington piece, if I would have let him go, I don't know that I could have got back by him. It was a little difficult to pass and he did seem to have a good car on the long runs so I knew that protecting my spot was what I needed to do at that particular point. Racing up front, racing hard I'm sure there would be a moment where it could come back on me and I expect it, it's fine. I just told Kasey, I said, 'Just don't make it hurt too bad.'"