Sunday, September 9, 2012

Carl Edwards talks about missing the NASCAR Chase

   This year's Chase for the Sprint Cup will be missing one half of the tandem that battled down to the wire for last season's championship.
   When the dust cleared at Richmond International Raceway, Carl Edwards - who lost last season's title to Tony Stewart in a tiebreaker - was left outside the Chase looking in.
   It was going to take a near-miracle for Edwards to get in the Chase at the Richmond race, but he had remained hopeful. Edwards talked about his season after the race.
   “Yeah, this isn’t about one race. It is 26 races and we just let too many points get away for a bunch of different reasons. There was a lot of luck involved and everyone tried really hard. This is the fastest we have been the last six weeks all year and I am proud of everyone for rallying around Chad (Norris) and Bob (Osborne) included for making the best effort we could," Edwards said. "We will just go try to build the best team we can for next year and try to make sure a Ford wins this championship.”

   Edwards was asked what he and his No. 99 Ford team will do in the final 10 races.

   "It makes it pretty simple for the last 10. We just go race as hard as we can. That has been kind of fun lately to do that but man, I don’t know, it is going to be wild to not be in the championship hunt. It won’t be as much fun at all," he said.

   "I'll be the best teammate I can be and to help (Matt Kenseth and Greg Biffle) develop any set-ups they can and help them during practice. There isn’t much I can do on the race track once the race starts, but before the race starts I can help."