Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who do NASCAR fans support in the presidential election?

   Mixing politics and sports generally produces a toxic combination and it's certainly true among NASCAR fans as well.

   In recent years, however, there has been considerable discussion in politics among the NASCAR fan as a voting demographic. After all, there is a reason Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made two appearances at NASCAR races this season (although because of bad weather he has yet to see a green-flag lap of racing).

   This week is the first time I've come across any stories about this year's presidential election that include polling results of the two main candidates specifically broken down among self-described "NASCAR fans."

   The results were surprising.

   A new JZ Analytics national poll of likely voters released Thursday showed President Obama leading Romney 47.7 percent to 42 percent. It also indicated Romney is not polling well as expected among some conservative demographic groups: NASCAR fans, evangelicals, and the so-called “Walmart voters.”

   According to JZ Analytics pollster John Zogby, Romney leads Obama 48.4 to 44.6 percent among voters who shop weekly at Walmart. He narrowly trails Obama among self-identified "NASCAR fans," 44 percent to 43 percent.

   “That’s a number you would never expect to see,” Zogby said.

   For more on the JZ Analytics poll released Thursday, go here.