Monday, June 6, 2011

What gets you suspended in NASCAR?

   So, team owner Richard Childress assaults driver Kyle Busch in the garage area, repeatedly striking him with his fist, and doesn't get suspended. He received a $150,000 fine and placed on probation through the end of the year.

   What exactly does get you suspended in NASCAR? Here's a list of some recent suspensions and another list of things for which NASCAR participants did not receive a suspension.

   NASCAR suspends people for:
   -Violation of its substance abuse policy (numerous examples).
   -Using an engine which is too big (Carl Long)
   -Rigging a fuel tank to appear full when it wasn't during qualifying (Crew chief Todd Berrier)
   -Using a racial slur (crew chief Bryan Berry)
   -Using an unapproved additive in fuel (Crew chief David Hyder)
   -Having a car chassis that does not meet specifications (Crew chief Shane Wilson)
   -Having air improperly ducted into the car for qualifying at Daytona (Crew chiefs Kenny Francis and Robbie Reiser)

   NASCAR will not suspend you for:
   -Physically assaulting a driver (Team owner Richard Childress)
   -Convictions for driving while intoxicated (drivers AJ Allmendinger, Scott Wimmer)
   -Reckless driving; speeding (128 mph in 45 mph zone) (driver Kyle Busch)
   -Repairing a wrecked car to return to the track to intentionally wreck another competitor (driver Carl Edwards)
   -Physically assaulting another competitor in the presence of NASCAR officials (Tony Stewart, Ryan Newman)
   -Physically assaulting a member of the media (driver Tony Stewart)

   Make sense?