Saturday, September 14, 2013

Brian France: We expect '100 percent' effort

    NASCAR Chairman Brian France made the following opening statement on Saturday following the mandatory meeting of Sprint Cup Series drivers, crew chiefs and owners.

   France: "We just a few moments ago wrapped up a meeting with the drivers and the owners and crew chiefs, and at the center of that meeting was what our expectations were going forward and how we intended ‑ and those expectations are that a driver and a team give 100 percent effort, their best effort, to complete a race and race as hard as they possibly can.

   "And we issued a variety of things, some clarifications and some adjustments to our ability to officiate that.  We addressed team rules, and as I said, a variety of other things, all designed to do what our fans expect, and that means that they're driver and their team give 100 percent to finish as high up in a given race as possible. 

   "We were very clear about that. That's our expectations. It's an evolving issue in some ways because of historical things that have happened in the past and the subjectivity that may or may not be part of individual calls going forward. But that's the center of it, and that's what our fans expect, and that's what the drivers want to do, as well, so that was the centerpiece. I'll let Mike walk through some of the specifics."