Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Time again for "Dale Earnhardt Day"

      The annual celebration of "Dale Earnhardt Day" which coincides with the late seven-time NASCAR champion's birthday is set for 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Friday at Dale Earnhardt Inc. facilities in Mooresville.

   This year, fans will be allowed access to extra exhibits, including the private oil painting of Dale Earnhardt by renowned artist Denny Dent. This original portrait permanently hangs in the corporate offices of DEI and will be placed on public display for the first time, accompanied by the 5-minute video of Dent actually painting the portrait on stage during a special event.

   The DEI Museum will be opening a new display that includes many of the gifts and tributes sent to and left at DEI and in other venues across the nation in honor of Earnhardt’s life.
One of the new 2011 "Intimidator" Camaros will be featured in a fundraising raffle to benefit the Dale Earnhardt Foundation, with ticket sales starting on Dale Earnhardt Day.

   There will be lots of music, with live performances by "Eddy Francis & Freight Train", and an encore showing of the 2003 Dale Earnhardt Tribute Concert Film. Autograph Sessions will be held throughout the day, with guests including Kerry Earnhardt and Taylor Earnhardt. An annual tradition of Dale Earnhardt Day, cupcakes will again be provided to all in attendance in honor of The Intimidator’s birthday.
   Prizes will be given out throughout the day to those in attendance, including items from the NASCAR Hall of Fame, Carowinds, and the Kannapolis Intimidators baseball team. Admission is free.

   DEI is located at 1675 Dale Earnhardt Highway #3, outside of Mooresville, N.C.