Saturday, September 24, 2011

NASCAR rules out messy bumpers

   Along with changes to the size of the restrictor-plate and the pressure release valves of Sprint Cup cars there is another change mandated by NASCAR that will affect the racing there next month.

    In the technical bulletin issued to teams this week outlining the changes at Talladega, there was also a note that “the addition of lubricants to the rear bumper cover will not be permitted.”

    The change covers all tracks, but in reality the use of lubricants on the rear bumper has been most commonly used this season at Talladega and Daytona to assist in the two-car drafting tandems.

    To keep the pushing car from spinning out the lead car in the two-car tandems, teams have used everything from grease, to ointment to cooking spray to keep the bumpers from getting locked up when they meet.

    Teams' inability to soften the blow, is likely to add to their unwillingness to utilize the drafting method, or at least use it more sparingly.