Friday, March 25, 2011

Kevin Harvick: Race tracks should be held accountable for fans in the stands

   There has been much discussion in recent years with the sub par attendance at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Calif., particularly since the track was given a second Sprint Cup Series race date - in theory because it deserved one.

   This season, International Speedway Corp. elected to remove one of the speedway's Cup dates and give it to Kansas Speedway.

   Several drivers were asked Friday about returning to one race weekend per year at ACS and its attendance woes. Kevin Harvick offered an interesting perspective:

   "Honestly I wish all the race tracks would be held accountable for how many people are sitting in their grandstands.  I think sometimes there’s just certain places that we go to -- I think this particular track is a good venue that when we first started coming here supported one race very well.  Sometimes a lot of people want more and you try to make two races out of it.  I always tell people there is no reason to make two mediocre out of one good," he said.
   "This is a good one event (track) and there’s several race tracks that should be held to the same accountability on a yearly basis in my opinion. I think that new markets and new, fresh fans that haven’t been able to see the races year after year would be an eye opener for a lot of race tracks.”