Thursday, March 28, 2013

Felix Sabates: Tony Stewart is one of the best rear view mirror drivers

   Felix Sabates, part owner of Earnhardt Ganassi Racing, said he was surprised with NASCAR driver Tony Stewart's reaction to Joey Logano after Sunday's race and a little taken aback by some of his comments.

    "Tony is a great champion and one of the most competitive drivers of all time, tough as nails and fun to watch him race, plus Tony is a real nice man, I love his driving style. Tony is one of the best blockers - rear view mirror drivers - in all of racing. Hell, Tony threw a block in Talladega last year and took out 17 cars from the race, that is racing, did Tony forget that? I am sure he has not forgotten that one. Ryan Newman, his driver, is one of the hardest guys to pass. They all are doing what they get paid to do. Tony was hot after the race and I am very sure had he finished in the top 5, he would have patted Joey in the back and would have told him “good job kid.” Unfortunately for Tony he finished in the back of the pack. Surely he can’t blame Joey if he was passed by 20 other cars? Tony was trying to snooker the kid by going below the yellow line to pass, all the kid did was go down there and protect his position," Sabates said.

    Sabates called Stewart's "rich kid" comments about Logano "unfair."

    "Someone please answer this to me, is it a crime for your parents to have wealth and help their children realize their dreams? No it is not, no matter how much money anyone might have, no one CAN BUY a premier Sprint Cup ride with two of the best teams of all times Gibbs and Penske. These two great car owners are very proud competitive people, Gibbs a Super Bowl multiple winner, and Penske a winner at every level of racing as well as a winner well respected icon in the business world. Joey has a lot of talent. If his father helped him along with his racing career, what is different than Richard Petty helping Kyle, and then his grandson Adam, or Bobby Allison helping Davie, or Buck Baker helping Buddy, or Coo Coo Marlin helping Sterlin, or Bill Elliot helping his son, and now Richard Childress helping not one but two of his grandsons? I think it is ridiculous that anyone would make comments about a father helping a son or a daughter. Lots of today’s drivers will see their children racing in NASCAR. Would someone please tell on what book did they read that it is a sin to help your children career? My sons are too old, but if any of my 6 grandkids want to go racing and I see they have talent, heck yes, I will help them get there."