Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My list of Top 10 things found at the bottom of the sinkhole at Charlotte Motor Speedway

   In good humor, Charlotte Motor Speedway put out its list of Top 10 things found at the bottom of the sinkhole which has developed in the infield of the track. I thought I would add my own:

   10. All of the old signs and stationary with "Lowe's Motor Speedway" logos on it.

   9. Piles of sheet metal leftover from the wrecks caused as a result of the speedway's experiment with "levigation."

   8. The engine from Richard Petty's winning car in the 1983 Miller 500. It was so big, there was no where else to put it.

   7. Unused artillery leftover from many of Humpy Wheeler's invasions of the frontstretch done in coordination with the Memorial Day weekend race.

   6. Pounds and pounds of Ostrich meat. If you were there that year, you know what I'm talking about.

   5. Audio tape of the bad words Kurt Busch said to NASCAR officials over his team radio during the 2002 all-star race which resulted in a hefty penalty.

   4. The original Legends car - a 1950 De Soto.

   3. The "Speedway Boulevard" signs tossed away after it was renamed "Bruton Smith Boulevard."

   2. One of Ric Flair's 672 professional wrestling world championship belts he dropped after saying "Woooooooooooooooooooooo" one too many times.

   1. The remains of the seats of the pants of the Cabarrus County officials after Smith finished "negotiating" with them over building his zMax Dragstrip.

   Any other suggestions?