Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NASCAR pleased with All-Star Race

   Jimmie Johnson certainly was pleased with the format of this year's NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race since he claimed his third victory in the event and its $1 million top prize.

   NASCAR liked how the night played out as well.

   "I thought it was probably one of the more competitive All-Star Races I've seen throughout the night," said NASCAR's vice president of competition, Robin Pemberton. "If there is something to look at it's what some of the competitors did by winning and laying back.

   "But that was part of the format and sometimes the format gets tweaked. When you look at those 20-lap segments, I thought the racing in them was better than I've seen in a long time for an All-Star Race."

   Pemberton said NASCAR liked the format because it produces something similar to four heat races.

   "I thought it was good to give something for somebody to go win," Pemberton said. "Now, whether you disagree with the placement of the drivers when they come down pit road, all-in-all, I think there was good, competitive racing."

   Pemberton said series officials will meet before the end of the year, review the race and the format and consider changes.