Wednesday, November 5, 2014

NASCAR's developmental K&N Pro series gets a new look

   NASCAR this week unveiled a new car body design for its developmental K&N Pro series, making the cars much more similar to those used in the Sprint Cup series.

   The new design, which can be used starting next season and becomes mandatory in 2017, is made from a composite laminate blend and allows teams to easily install and repair damaged panels. 

   It will be available in all three manufacturer models: Chevrolet SS, Ford Fusion, and Toyota Camry. The new body will also be eligible for competition in the Automobile Racing Club of America series beginning in 2015.

   "The new K&N Pro Series body represents a major win for the teams, the fans, and the racing industry as a whole,” said Jim Cassidy, senior vice president, racing operations for NASCAR. “This will give our emerging talent the opportunity to gain more valuable, relevant racing experience, and our fans and industry partners will appreciate the car’s similarity in appearance to both the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series cars and street models.”