Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Max Papis thought about as a substitute driver for Tony Stewart

   Max Papis substituted for NASCAR driver Tony Stewart on Sunday and finished 15th.

   Asked about his run:
   Papis: “I felt that we were definitely in bound to have a top 10 finish.  Really glad that Greg Biffle came over and apologized when he turned me around he said it was totally his mistake. I think that really cost us a solid top 10. Beside this I drove the wheels off the car every lap. Super proud of keeping the seat of Smoke (Tony Stewart) as warm as I could. I felt I did a pretty good job and I’m proud of myself.”

   What happened late in the race with the No. 9 (Marcus Ambrose)?
   Papis: "I don’t know. The guy was sideways going up the hill. I mean I’m going up the hill. I touched him I turned him, not on purpose obviously. I think that something broke in the back of his car. I guess. Pretty weird deal. It was not a good thing.”
   All things considered, an 'A' day? 'B' day? How do you look at it?
   Papis: "A+"