Saturday, October 5, 2013

War of words: Brad Keselowski vs. Kyle Busch

   Motor Racing Network asked Brad Keselowski to talk about his incident with Kyle Busch in Saturday's Nationwide race. Here was his response:

   "I got wrecked by a dirty driver, there is no other way to put it. I have raced him really cool over the last year to be respectful to him and repair our relationship. I’ve watched him wreck my Trucks that cost them from winning races, he put me in fence at Chicago in the Truck race, in the Nationwide race, he’s pulling this crap. It’s not going to last, I can tell you that. I feel bad for the guys next to me who are going to have to fix his (stuff). That’s going to be part of racing. They’re going to have to deal with it.” 

   ESPN talked with Kyle Busch after Saturday's race. He was his take on the Lap 188 incident, which sent Keselowski into the wall:

   "It was hard racing. There were a lot of moments where we got ourselves a little crowded. The contact that ultimately ended it, I just got real tight coming off (Turn) 4 - underneath him, behind him and everything else. I couldn't stay in the gas to get a run on him. I got to his quarter and side-drafted him down the straightaway and I got too tight. We got a little too close there one time and didn't give myself enough room and then had the last restart." 

   Asked if he thought the issue would spill over to Sunday's Sprint Cup race, Busch added: 

   “Well, Brad Keselowski dumped me at Watkins Glen (last year) and I let he and Jimmie (Johnson) battle it out and I had the opportunity a few times to wreck him in the Chase, but I was the bigger man. If he wants to take it over to the other side of the garage area, then whatever. You know what? I’ve got ... I've got more class than that.”

NASCAR TV rights to remain as-is in 2014

   Statement from Steve Herbst, NASCAR Vice President of Broadcasting and Production:

   "Despite speculation over the last month that NASCAR's new television agreement could be pushed up to the start of the 2014 season, NASCAR has informed out broadcast partners today that Fox, Turner and ESPN will finish the current term as originally planned. While we humbled by the desire of NBC and Fox to start 12 months early, we now consider this matter closed and look forward to finishing our current agreement in 2014 with our great partners at Fox, Turner and ESPN."