Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Congrats to Ray Evernham on his new job, but what exactly is it ?

   I sincerely would like to congratulate Ray Evernham on his new job, but honestly I have little understanding what exactly he will be doing with Hendrick Companies.

   On Tuesday, Hendrick Motorsports distributed a press release announcing Evernham - a previous championship crew chief at Hendrick and most recently ESPN TV analyst - had signed on as a consultant for Hendrick Companies, formed in 2005 to oversee own Rick Hendrick's "strategic initiatives." Evernham, it appears, will be consult on "special projects."

   According to the release Evernham's role will be to help with the development of the Hendrick Performance retail brand of high-performance parts, vehicles, products and related services.

   No where in the release in regards to Evernham's work can be found the words "NASCAR," "motorsports" or "Earnhardt Jr." (of course there were rumors he was going to become Earnhardt's crew chief. Isn't everyone?).

   Given the hoopla surrounding the anticipation of this move to Hendrick by some of my colleagues in the media, I have to say I am a little underwhelmed by the initial details of his announcement.

   That's not to say Evernham may not be involved in some grand project with a long-lasting and highly profitable impact on Hendrick Companies, or even Hendrick Motorsports or perhaps in NASCAR itself.

   It's just that in reality I still have no clue what he's doing. Do you?