Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Have you noticed something missing from the NASCAR spotter's stand?

   If you follow several of the spotters for NASCAR drivers on Twitter you may have noticed something missing this past weekend at Auto Club Speedway - their tweets.

   Several spotters have become regulars over the past season of tweeting pictures or updates on their respective drivers or commenting on who appears to be fast during a practice session.

   No more.

   Race director David Hoots met with Nationwide and Sprint Cup series spotters prior to the races at California and informed them they are not to use mobile devices while they are on the spotter's stand.

   "As Hoots said, as the additional set of eyes for the drivers, the spotters’ focus needs to be on the cars/trucks on the track," said NASCAR spokesman Kerry Tharp. "In the best interest of safety, NASCAR will be restricting the use of any such mobile device on the spotter stand while cars/trucks are on the track."

   Hoots plans to have a similar conversation with the Truck Series spotters next week at Martinsville, Va.