Thursday, November 7, 2013

No joke: Could former NASCAR driver Kyle Petty run for Congress?

   According to an article on, former NASCAR driver and now Fox Sports TV analyst Kyle Petty could be a candidate for U.S. Congress in 2014 in North Carolina.

   The district would be the one currently represented in North Carolina by Republican Howard Coble, who announced Thursday this would be his last term.

    In the article, Petty is listed among several possible Republican candidates for the seat. Petty's father, seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Richard Petty, lost a race for N.C. secretary of state in X1996.

   UPDATE: A representative for Petty called Roll Call on Friday morning and said the former NASCAR driver was not planning to run for the U.S. House District 6.

   You can read the entire article here.

How Brad Keselowski helped jump start Carl Edwards' 2013 season

   NASCAR drivers Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards have never been the best of friends. In fact, they have a very public feud in 2010 that resulted in several nasty wrecks as part of on-track incidents.

    The dynamic between the drivers was bound to be tested this season when Penske Racing moved to the Ford camp, where Edwards makes his home at Roush Fenway Racing. At the least, the two drivers would be involved in some information sharing.

    As the Sprint Cup Series sets to return to Phoenix International Raceway this weekend, Edwards was asked about his victory in the spring race at the track. And some of the credit for the win went to an unexpected source.

    "The biggest thing that helped us at Phoenix was our pit crew. We had awesome pit stops and kept coming out three or four spots ahead of where we were running and that ultimately is what won us the race," Edwards said. "The other thing that helped was Brad Keselowski on that last restart really pushed me out there. That was the second race in a Ford for Brad and for him to do that and give us that little bump it really meant a lot.”

   Asked how his relationship with Keselowski has evolved this season, Edwards said: "I think, not just between me and Brad, but between me, Brad, Joey - all the Penske guys and Roush - it has been a good relationship. At the end of the day, we have seen that we can all benefit by helping one another and that is huge. The more we can work together, the better off we will be.”