Saturday, January 1, 2011

Brad Keselowski goes back to school

   You're never too old to learn and for 26-year-old Nationwide Series champion Brad Keselowski, there was plenty he needed to know before starting the 2011 NASCAR Season promoting a new sponsor in the Sprint Cup Series for his No. 2 Penske Racing team.

   How about "Beer 101"? It's hard to imagine many young people passing up a chance to pass - or fail - that class.

   Keselowski recently took a trip to the MillerCoors brewery in Milwaukee to learn the history of Miller Lite and its history of sponsorship in NASCAR. He charged into beer fundamentals with Miller brewmaster Manny Manuele. There he learned the complex brewing process that produces the great taste of Miller Lite.

   The trip was capped off with the annual Christmas lighting ceremony on State Street, right in front of the site of the original Plank Road Brewery, which Miller purchased and transformed into the Miller Brewing Company.

   "The trip to Milwaukee was an awesome learning experience for me as I prepare to represent such a great brand in Miller Lite," said Keselowski. "A lot of adults know how to drink a beer, but it was really cool to see how it is produced, and even how to pair it with certain food.

   "There is tradition and greatness that comes with being associated with Miller Lite. The ‘Blue Deuce' has an unbelievable history in our sport. Rusty Wallace and Kurt Busch set a very high bar, but I'm confident my team and I can carry on that successful legacy."

   Any chance Keselowski didn't get an 'A'?