Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kevin Harvick on relationship with his dad: 'I don't know that you could fix all of that'

   Reigning Sprint Cup Series champion Kevin Harvick was interviewed recently at the NASCAR Hall of Fame for the nationally-syndicated sports interview show, "In Depth with Graham Bensinger," which will air nationwide this weekend, including 12:05 a.m. ET Sunday on WBTV in Charlotte.

   In the interview, Harvick talks about coming from a broken home and the lessons he learned from his relationship with his father, Mike, when he was growing up. Harvick told Bensinger the fallout between the two may not be fixable.

   Here's a short takeout from the interview: 

   Harvick: “I grew up in a little bit of a broken house. You know, the night I won my first late model race was the night my mom moved everything out of the house. So you go from, you know, having this moment where you think you’ve taken another step in your career to, you know that dad’s coming home to, he’s coming home to nothing … There was a lot of situations like that … He had a drinking problem as I grew up and you see and are exposed to a lot of things that you probably don’t want to do as a parent.”

   Later Bensinger asks Harvick if his dad has come around:

   Harvick: “I don’t know that that’ll actually ever all come back around … There’s just so many things that happened along the way that, you know, I don’t know that you could fix all of that stuff.”

   You can watch a short video take from the interview, which will air in its entirety this weekend, here.