Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shall we call this the "Danica Patrick Rule?"

   NASCAR has issued the following bulletin to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series rule book, which makes an update to the section dealing with overall car weight.

    In Section 20-2.2, the rule book has added the following new or altered sections which became effective April 3:

    * The driver's weight will be measured by NASCAR Officials at one (1) or more date(s) and time(s) determined by NASCAR in its discretion. This weight may be added to the left side of the car.

    *The following is a schedule of overall car weight in relationship to the starting driver weight:

    180 lbs. - Above // 3,300 lbs.
    170 lbs. - 179 lbs. // 3,310 lbs.
    160 lbs. - 169 lbs. // 3,320 lbs.
    150 lbs. - 159 lbs. // 3,330 lbs.
    140 lbs. - 149 lbs. // 3,340 lbs.
    139 lbs. and under // 3,350 lbs.

    Previously, the rule book only addressed driver weight down to 140 pounds. The bulletin adds a new "139 lbs. and under" category. In effect, drivers under 140 pounds must now add an additional 10 pounds of weight to their car.

    In February, questions were raised if Danica Patrick could enjoy a weight advantage in her Cup car due to her low weight.

    To read what NASCAR officials said about it at the time, go here.