Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Owners of Carolina Motorsports Park plan to sell

   The owners of Carolina Motorsports Park, a road racing facility located in Kershaw, S.C., announced Wednesday they plan to sell the 280-acre property on U.S. 521. The facility contains a 2.27-mile road course and a .7-mile karting track.
   "The past 15 years have been a lot of fun but our ownership group is at a different life stage now and we think it's time to hand the keys over to the next generation," said Carolina Motorsports Park managing director David Palmer.
  "The facility continues to be financially sound so while bittersweet, it's our goal to find the right person or group to further develop this regional asset."
   The course opened in 1999 and weekdays the road course is primarily used for race team practice, car manufacturer testing, TV show and commercial filming as well as law enforcement training. Weekends are busy with auto and motorcycle races, track time events and driver education. In recent years several NASCAR teams have tested at CMP in preparation for their road course events.
   "It's the only course of its kind in the Carolinas, I think it's the best kept secret around," said retired NASCAR driver Ricky Rudd.
   In 2015, Carolina Motorsports Park will host The Rotax Max Challenge Grand Nationals, one of the premier annual events in Karting. For investor inquiries, email David Palmer


  1. OMG! Has Been Ricky Rudd endorses it. First This track does not qualify for any kind of offical Nascar testing. Ya Goodyear tests tires here once in a blue moon. But the cars the tires are mounted on won't pass inspection on a Nascar sanctioned road course like Watkins Glen. Tires are tested on old worn out non-competitive, used up racecars that no longer qualify with drivers who never qualified. Goodyear and other tire companies test with novice drivers who abuse the tires the most on substandard tracks in order to find the worst case conditions. This is what they do On CMP. Now if the tires survive they go to bigger. better, tracks with bigger, better cars and more experienced drivers. CMP is basically a road course limited by it's pavement and construction to amateur sports car racers who race on weekends and drive the car to work daily. Nothing wrong with that. Yes, and the track is interesting enough although nearly perfectly flat to make me wish to drive it in a large variety of cars and motorcycles. Some I have owned, Some I have borrowed, some I only wished for. I suspect CMP is best suited for racing some of the best under powered 4 cyl and 6 cyl carburetor aspirated cars from the '60's Examples......TR3A, AH 3,000, MG B, TR Spitfire, Sunbeam Alpine, Datsun Fairlady, and the early 70's Toyota Celica GT's. 200 HP is overkill on this track. It has no infrastructure for crowds being located in the boonies of SC. It will NEVER become a racing mecca for anything over go Karts or LeMons. I don't think Bill France will bid on the sale of this backwoods redneck track.

    1. No need to be a dick... With out tracks like these many of the drivers you know and love today wouldn't be where they are. It's the roots of racing itself and is a huge part of the racing community.

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