Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Darrell Waltrip: 'It's unfortunate (Tony) Stewart got dragged into this'

  On Tuesday, NASCAR fined Brad Keselowski $50,000 and Tony Stewart $25,000 for their respective involvement in the post-race incidents after Saturday night's Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

   Stewart's involvement at the time went largely unnoticed considering the fight that subsequently erupted in the garage area between Keselowski and Matt Kenseth. After his car was hit in a bottleneck at the entrance to pit road, Stewart put his car in reverse and drove it into the front of Keselowski's car, doing substantial damage.

   Because of Stewart's involvement in a sprint car incident over the summer that resulted in the death of another driver, mainstream news media has been hammering on Stewart's involvement in this incident since.

   Former NASCAR champion and Hall of Fame driver Darrell Waltrip was asked about Stewart being back in the national spotlight. Here was his response:

   “For all kinds of reasons, it’s unfortunate Stewart got dragged into this. Because of the incident in New York, the media know who Stewart is, saw what happened and jumped to their own conclusions and made judgments," he said. "That’s unfortunate because Stewart had nothing to do with what happened on Saturday night." 


  1. SO true Big Darrell, But the gods to be at NASCAR want to make $$$ off the incident instead of following there own guidelines. this is what makes NASCAR Racing today a Joke, Unneeded caution flags,rules changes to benefit the Nascar Body, puppets to the press for everything. Back when "Ole Man France" was there he would of told the press to "F*c* off and leave him alone. Now Mr Patsy France lines his pockets, and makes mockery of its Competitors and Race Teams. Wonder why the stands are less then 1/2 full now? Look at the overall mirror and its like Pro Wrestling all over again

  2. More important is why were no fines handed down for the fight?

  3. Thank you Darrell... I just wish the main stream media could figure this out...