Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bristol NASCAR race gets bumped from ABC in Charlotte for Redskins game

   Saturday night's Irwin Tools Night Race at Bristol (Tenn.) Motor Speedway is scheduled to be shown on ABC but WSOC-TV in Charlotte will instead air a preseason Washington Redskins NFL game.

   The Bristol race will instead air on TV-64 and will be viewable to cable subscribers as follows: Time Warner channel 1230, Charter channel 703, Compas channel 16 and Comporium channel 110.

   Fans in Charlotte area who are satellite TV subscribers will be able to watch the race on ESPN alternate channels (DirecTV – channel 209-1; DISH – channel 145). 

   WSOC-TV will join the race in progress after football game ends and the telecast will air simultaneously on both.  ABC affiliates are independently operated and can make their own programming decisions.


  1. In Nashville, Bristol race has been bumped to a non-HD weather station because of WKRN's contract to air Tennessee Titans pre-season games. Ugh.

  2. Damn shame that a meaningless pre-season game is trumping a meaningful race.

  3. I hate ESPN and FOX Sports !!! Why does the stick and ball games, football, basketball, socker, golf, bad-mitten, tiddly-winks and every thing else take precidense over Racing !!! I wish we had TNN back, at least all they had on was racing.

    1. Umm... ESPN and Fox Sports didn't bump this race in Charlotte dude. ABC did. FOX Sports didn't even contract to air this race. I'm watching it on ESPN2HD right now. Why the hostility towards them?