Saturday, November 16, 2013

NASCAR's explanation for not throwing red flag in Saturday's race

   Rather than display the red flag and bring Saturday's Ford 300 NASCAR Nationwide Series season finale to a halt, NASCAR elected to keep the race under caution for 12 laps while it cleaned up a three-car wreck that began on Lap 184 of 200.

   With so few laps left in the race, NASCAR has many times displayed the red flag to preserve as much of the race as possible.

   After Saturday's race, Robin Pemberton, NASCAR's vice president of competition was asked why no red flag was used. Here was his response:

   "It really looked like it was going to be a typical clean-up, a typical wreck. You know, you had two cars that had a lot of damage and both of them dumped quite a bit of oil. There was no need to throw a red. We felt like we could get it in normal lap segment of that. You know, unfortunately there was a lot of oil – it looked like it kept either seeping back up out of the race track or whatever from the car that was on the outside of the wall. And you know, we went one to go a handful of times trying to get back racing as soon as we can, but you know, when you’re in situations like that the most important thing is getting the track race ready. You know, you can look at you can use your hindsight every chance that you want to, but in this particular time we did the best we could to do and it was more important to get the track ready."


  1. I call BS on anything Pemberton has ever done or said. Dillon is a chump.

  2. sometimes, i'm amazed at the juveniles that respond to an article. it seems that they have to stoop to name calling to prove their superiority & sense of self worth. i can tell you, johnnie, that the "Chump" comment speaks more about you that it does Austin Dillon.

  3. I don't trust NASCAR car anymore. After that race last night, it is so painfully obvious who they work for and who they really have in there back pocket. Any other situation a red flag falls immediately. But that's OK because drivers are not allowed to alter the finish, so NASCAR has to alter the finish in there best interests. Forget this crooked sport, its worse than WWE and boxing. Austin Dillon will FAIL at Sprint cup level and bring shame and dis honor to the "3"

    1. If there ever was a manipulated finish to a NA$CAR race this would be the Prime Example. With a championship on the edge and Pemberton makes a decision to run 12 laps under caution and then another lap as he "discovers" more debris on the back stretch is just asking too much of NA$CAR fans to accept. I like Dillon and he will be a Super Star some day. He just didn't need Pemberton's manipulating the finish. What a farce of a restart and a shame on NA$CAR doing this.