Saturday, June 27, 2015

NASCAR Chairman Brian France supports 'eradication of the Confederate flag'

Statement from Brian France, NASCAR Chairman & CEO

   DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (June 27, 2015) – “NASCAR will maintain its long-standing policy preventing the use of the Confederate Flag in any official position at our events. In all areas that NASCAR controls on a given race weekend, the flag has no presence. 

   “We have been clear in support of this position throughout our industry and to those across the country who have called for the eradication of the Confederate Flag. We will be as aggressive as possible to disassociate NASCAR events from an offensive and divisive symbol. We are working with the industry right now to achieve that goal.”


  1. This is ridiculous. NASCAR was built on that flag. The confederate flag does not stand for hatred it stand for heritage and watch the fan base of NASCAR not even going to the racetrack because of all this or just make us wanna fly it higher you know what happened to the Americans and the british and half of my family is from England and we're not sweating it. I can still fly the Union Jack with pride why can't I fly my confederate flag with pride?

  2. Brian France has to explain this - if the Confederate Flag stays, what actual harm comes of it?

  3. This is LUDICROUS!!! NASCAR WAS built on this flag! Like Samantha said, it stands for heritage and pride, NOT hatred. That is a purely liberal way of thinking. When they don't get their way, shout "RACISM!!" and the cowards will cave... It's a DISGRACE, and I don't care what Mr. France has to say about it. He is entitled to HIS opinion, but his opinion MAY NOT INFRINGE on MY(or anyone else's) freedom - to choose to wear the flag or fly it. The Civil War lasted all of 10 yrs from start to finish. Arguing it was about slavery is a revisionist history LIE. There were slaves in NORTHERN states until the 1890's.

  4. The case against the Confederate Flag completely ignores how history changed and made the alleged symbolism of bigotry irrelevant and also whitewashes more serious racial issues that have plagued non-Southern states and cities rather than Southern ones. Brian France and the Mainstream Media have it wrong, again. The Confederate Flag is no threat to anyone, so put it back up and keep it up.