Saturday, February 21, 2015

Statement from Patricia Driscoll's ex-husband, Geoffrey Hermanstorfer

   Statement to the Media - From Darin Rumer on behalf of Geoffrey Hermanstorfer regarding Driscoll vs. Busch Matter


   Mr. Geoffrey Hermanstorfer, the father of Houston Hermanstorfer is making a public plea to both the media and the public in general who are following the Kurt Busch ongoing legal issue with Patricia Driscoll, Houston Hermanstorfer’s mother.  Mr. Hermanstorfer requests that the media please refrain from using images of Houston, mentioning Houston by name, or even referring to him as the son of Patricia Driscoll in reference to her allegations of domestic violence.  Mr. Hermanstorfer believes Houston to be a child who deserves to not be attached to adult situations and his privacy should be respected and protected, as every child’s should.


  1. He's absolutely correct. Of course, the Observer felt it newsworthy enough, that they posted it, and named the child, again. Well done.

  2. The media has become little more than jackals in our society.