Thursday, January 29, 2015

Statement by IndyCar Series on cancellation of its 2015 season opener in Brazil


   INDIANAPOLIS - Today's announcement by BAND that the March 8 INDYCAR race in Brasília was cancelled was both unexpected and disappointing. INDYCAR had received every indication that the race was already a success: Two-thirds of the seats available for the event had already been sold; a title sponsor for the event (ITAIPAVA) was announced yesterday; hospitality was sold out; and track construction was progressing and scheduled to be complete in time for the event. 
   Although we have not received formal confirmation from our partners in Brazil regarding the cancellation, economically INDYCAR is protected and the paddock is protected from such action.

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  1. HUGE blow to Indycar as it is trying to become stronger but is operating from a weak level. It frosts me that good racing is suffering this way.