Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Brian France: No changes to Chase format in 2015

   Considering how well-received the Sprint Cup Series season finale race at Homestead-Miami Speedway was and the TV ratings boost during the Chase, it should come as little surprise that NASCAR Chairman Brian France said in an interview Tuesday there would be no changes to the championship format in 2015.

   France was a guest on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio on Tuesday afternoon and was asked if he anticipated any tweaks or changes to the format. Here is France's answer: 

   “No, I don’t. We’re obviously pleased with everything. And there may be some adjustments down the road. They’ll be very small. Nothing, for ’15, nothing anybody would notice. But if we can make an already great thing better we will always look at that but we are very content that we have the right positioning of elevating the drivers to have moments as I just described, and then also balancing this whole thing in auto racing, which is very difficult to balance, which is how do you balance winning and consistency? And they don’t necessarily always go together. And how do you have any kind of a championship run that represents that? I think we’ve done the best job that we think we can do to balance that.”

   In an interview during championship weekend but before the series finale, France had said he thought there could be "very modest to zero" changes made to the format.


  1. Well-received? By who other than the NASCAR lap dog media and their fearless leader, Brian France?

  2. I know VERY few people who like this format. Jeff Gluck did a poll on Twitter that showed 68% of the fans dislike it. It was a sample group of about 2,000 fans.... I'd say that's enough to call it a good case study. And remember, that's 68% of the fans who are still left ... it's got nothing on the million or so Brian France has already lost during his 10 year reign of terror on stock car racing...

  3. I didn't like the outcome, but the format did add excitement to the sport. I've been a NASCAR fan since 1959. First as a driver, then as an official. No system is perfect, but if you look back over the various formats, the right driver won most of the time; including this year.

    My desire is to remove all the down-force from cars along with the restrictor plates and let the drivers drive.

  4. I didn't have a problem with the Chase format. My problem is with the races themselves. Most of them are so boring you could put amphetamine freaks to sleep with them.