Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brian France to Gordon/Keselowski fans: 'That's racing'

   In an interview on Wednesday on SiriusXM Satellite Radio's NASCAR Channel, NASCAR Chairman Brian France was asked what he would say to angry fans who don't like the fact either Jeff Gordon or Brad Keselowski - both of whom had among the most wins this season - didn't advance in the Chase to compete for the championship in Sunday's Ford 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

   Here was France's response:

   "In any format that we could ever devise, even if you had to win to compete for the championship, that's auto racing, that happens. Talk to Rusty Wallace. Talk to Bill Elliott. Talk to all the past competitors in NASCAR who had a stellar season but they weren't the best on any given day. In this format you have to be the best all the way through. There is no format that we're going to devise that weights it so much that if you win so many races you're somehow automatically going to be the champion. You've got to do it all the way through. This is the best balance in auto racing, no question about it."


  1. Great come back Brian

  2. This format has an element of luck to it and really doesn't reward the driver who had an overall consistent season. It is exciting, but so is bingo.

  3. Brian France is an idiot. If you hate the chase as much as I do, then please sign the petition and let Brian France and NASCAR know that it needs to be abolished:

  4. I agree Ally. France is the idiots of all idiots!

  5. I seriously doubt that Brain Farts, Jr. is going to be swayed by a few posts on a forum. I think it would take an endless stream of letters from every last race fan on the planet before anyone up there in Nascarland would even blink an eye.
    They just can't hear us common folk over the rustle of money that they're rolling in.