Saturday, October 11, 2014

NASCAR statement regarding the start of Saturday night's race

   Statement from NASCAR regarding the start of Saturday night's Bank of America 500, which was not televised by ABC/ESPN:

   “We are disappointed that our fans were unable to see the start of tonight’s race. We do all we can with the networks to avoid delays when live sports run late. We’re grateful for the passion of our fans and are thankful to those now watching on ABC.”


  1. Not the fault of NASCAR. Totally on the shoulders of ABC/ESPN. Maybe NASCAR fans can move the ratings needle by skipping the first 30 minutes of Monday Night Football.

    1. Here's a better idea - NASCAR, take races OFF Saturday night altogether and run them with the green flag flying at 12:15 PM Sunday afternoon.

  2. It absolutley is the fault of NASCAR! They take the money but don't read the fine print. Baylor/TCU WHO?. I think the fish noodling championship is on 11/16. ESPN will drop NASCAR to show muddy water. Monday night tune in late not likely, since I don't watch football. Oh Dancing With The Stars will be on.

  3. Here's a reality check for racing fans - it couldn't be helped. The football game ran long and was the most amazing game I've seen in years. ESPN deserves criticism but not for this - it deserves criticism for being poison to seemingly everything it touches; it lost the NHL contract and the NHL is MUCH better to watch without ESPN than it ever was with it. Racing shouldn't miss ESPN, but don't rip ESPN/ABC because an amazing football game ran long - BTW, how many remember 2005's New England Patriots Bowl between Charlie Weis and Pete Carroll that ran RIGHT UP to the very opening flag of the National 500 on NBC?