Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kasey Kahne has work to do to remain at Hendrick Motorsports

   Kasey Kahne wants to remain at Hendrick Motorsports beyond his current contract which ends after the 2015 season but he knows he has work to do to make that happen.

   HMS announced this weekend that sponsor Farmer’s Insurance had re-signed through 2017 but did not extend Kahne’s contract at the same time.

   “We still have a year-and-a-half before my deal’s up. We’ve struggled some this year for really no reason. We can’t have that,” Kahne said. 

   “If we can get rid of some of those struggles, I would hope that I would be at Hendrick Motorsports for a long time.”

   Kahne is the only HMS driver without a win this season and is 22nd in the series standings with just one top-five finish.

   “I like being at HMS. It is just an unbelievable place,” he said. “Getting to work with the three teammates that I get to work with each week is better than anything I’ve ever done in racing as far as guys I’ve been able to work with.”


  1. Dale Jr. won 1 race in the first 3 years at Hendrick and nobody showed him the door, but then again he is a cash cow and Kasey isn't. They will have to make room for Chase at some point but I would hate to see Kasey end up as odd man out

    1. was stated early on that Mr.Junior would be a work in progress.....alas,success. Its not Jr's fault hes wildly popular....people like him.I happen to pull for him because he's from N.C....You see,I'm a hometeam,kinda guy...Chase will drive the 24,and Kasey will remain at HMS.

  2. I don't think Farmers Insurance would have signed on for another 3 years if Kasey wasn't going to stay at Hendricks. Since Jr. is going to have Nationwide on his car next year why would Farmers want to stay if Kasey wasn't staying. Also Dale Jr. only has 4 wins and he has been there for 7 years. Kasey already has 4 wins and he's only been there for 3 years. I think think the lack of speed revolves around Keith Rodden leaving and having a new engineer aboard. Kenny has been with Kasey and Keith for a long time and I don't think this guy meshes with them. I has heard that Jr. was getting a new engineer well I think they need to look into find Kasey a new one too before they fall farther down in points. Kasey is very capable in winning race, he already proved that. Now they need to find a way to get him the speed just like the other Hendrick drivers have. It's very frustrating to have to watch him have to struggle each week in qualifying and then in the race. No matter where he finishes or who he drives for I will always cheer for him and nobody else!! Don't count Kasey out, he is a very talented driver and I think Rick Hendrick knows that!! #faithinthe5

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  4. It's going to be Chase Elliott in the #24 and Kyle Larson in the #5 down the road...

  5. They should get Chad Knaus to teach Kahne's crew chief how to cheat too, then they'll finish at least second all the time. When they can convince me that Knaus isnt cheating (hasnt he been caught 6 times?) then I'll watch again. But now, I'm done.