Friday, June 27, 2014

Jeff Gordon: 'We don't need 43 cars out there to put on a great race.'

   Add Jeff Gordon to those who don't see a short field in Saturday night's Quaker State 400 at Kentucky Speedway as a bad sign for NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series.

   “We don’t need 43 cars out there to put on a great race," Gordon said Friday at Kentucky Speedway. "I’m not really that focused on it. There is no doubt that times have changed with how much the cost has gone up. How much we are asking out of our sponsors and some of the crowds have gone down.  

   "We are searching hard to find the income to match what the cost is. That is about the only thing that anybody should make of anything that is going on out there. Whether there are 35 cars or 45 cars to me that doesn’t really make a big difference.”


  1. I like Jeff Gordon - think he's a pretty classy guy, as far as race car drivers go. But this is just spouting the party line to make sure NASCAR doesn't ding him down the road. This is only the beginning of the end. It only takes looking at how the cameras pan so fast through those empty seats in the stands to figure out what the end game is here.

    1. NASCAR has to learn about accepting honesty. Gordon is spouting an official line when he should be saying that NASCAR needs to start taking spending controls seriously.

  2. The empty seats and inablity to fill a full field of quality cars speaks volumes, regardless of what Jeff, or anyone else in NASCAR says. NASCAR, you asked for it and now you've got it....happy?