Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Former NASCAR driver Shawna Robinson diagnosed with breast cancer

    Former NASCAR driver Shawna Robinson, the first woman to win a pole in what is now the Nationwide Series, has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

   Robinson, who now works in interior design and is creator and owner of Happy Chair which restores old chairs, announced on her Facebook page this week that she would begin five to six months of chemotherapy and then require surgery.

   Here is her entire post:

   "I'm getting ready to start a new journey that was unexpected but I am prepared to take it on as I would any challenge ..with direction and strength. I have breast cancer…when they tell you you have cancer you don't hear the rest you just see talking and you seem to be there but your not hearing the words. But it is real, start Chemo next week for 5-6 months then surgery….there is such progress in cancer treatment..…still scared but prepared for battle. Thankful for the family and friends….I'm blessed to have….ready to go wide open and get this thing!!!"

   Robinson won three races in the now defunct NASCAR Goody's Dash Series and has completed in NASCAR's three national series - Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Trucks. Her best Cup series finish was 24th in the 2002 Daytona 500.


  1. Shawna I am so sorry and sad to hear this awful news.its scary for you I no.but let me tell yoy that my daughter in law was 22 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.her and my son wer married at 3outerbanks we all went it was so beautiful.came home and one month later my son found the lump.went to dr.and yes it was ther worse fear.they wer so happy just getting married and so happy and as you sed the journey son truly surprised me.he was so scared he was gona lose her.he stuck with her and went to every kemo appt she had .surgeries the whole works got her new implants and and they said it was totally they got back on the right road to good health and just one story out of many many cases out there.
    Lived watching you race and danica brings the memories of you out ther beating on the doors of the guys and woopin them.although danica isnt doing much if that.shes gettin rich for sure.
    so you hang in ther doll and me along with millions of others will be praying for ur quick and successful treatment and recover..its a shock at first but u will becone so strong threw this and come out on the upside and a new women.
    be strong

  2. Her description of seeing them talk but not hearing the words is 100% accurate. Cancer is a hard road to travel but it also has its rewards and blessings along the way. Stay positive and let God take control of this battle and the battle is already won.

  3. Shawna, God will see you through this. He has plans for everyone of us and like you said it is just an adventure. I do wish you well and pray that Gods will be done.

  4. Yes! She is doing good job. I also pray to God she do well and successful in her plan which is helpful to the other. I like those person who work for the others and I think God also love them.
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  6. Hi Shawna! You Can Beat This! I Go Get My Lump Checked Again Here Real Soon. (Third Time). Prayers Sent Your Way! And Always God Bless! Your Friend From High School. Vickie Noble. (Victoria Bustamante). Love You!