Thursday, February 13, 2014

NASCAR legend and Fox Sports analyst Darrell Waltrip has surgery


   NASCAR Hall of Fame and Fox Sports TV analyst Darrell Waltrip under a minor surgical procedure on Thursday and could miss Saturday night's broadcast of the Sprint Unlimited at Daytona International Speedway. Waltrip will not participate in coverage of Friday's Sprint Unlimited practice sessions at Daytona.

   Fox Sports provided the following statement on Thursday night to The Charlotte Observer:
   "Darrell Waltrip underwent a minor surgical procedure today near his home in Tennessee and is resting comfortably. We wish him a speedy recovery and his on-air status is day to day."


  1. Hi DW, I hope your surgery went smooth and you are recovering comfortably. I had Bladder (the Urinary kind, not Gall) Surgery back in 1983 because of a Dirt Bike Racing accident (handlebar got me in stomach). I got knocked out too, so by the time I came too I was in a hospital and drugged so I felt no real pain from it...but lordy when that Nurse pulled that "one" tube out....they heard me in China screaming.....yawwwwza
    I wish you a speedy recovery and am looking forward to seeing you in the booth again real soon.

    BTW: we meet a long time ago at Daytona, around 86', 87' or so, the year you beat Bill in a close Championship, I still have a Western Auto #17 Shirt of yours in my collection from back in those days (I'm 59).
    Cya at the Track soon.
    (6th year as a Member of the NASCAR Fan Council)

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