Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Jimmie Johnson's biggest regret in racing? Hint: It involves the No. 3

    What is six-time Sprint Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson's biggest regret of his racing career?

    Not having the opportunity to "get spun out or crashed" by Dale Earnhardt Sr.

    Johnson touched on that topic and more in a wide-ranging interview with Fox NFL Sunday host Curt Menefee, which will air Friday, Feb. 14, at 7:30 p.m. ET on Fox Sports 1.

    Johnson is the first auto racing personality featured on Fox Sports 1’s signature interview show, which has included past sit-downs with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Denver Broncos legend John Elway and former NBA star and now TV analyst Charles Barkley.

    Among the many topics covered in the Johnson interview; he recounts a critical moment in his relationship with crew chief Chad Knaus, his place in NASCAR history and one of his greatest regrets … involving Dale Earnhardt.

    Here is an excerpt of part of Johnson's interview discussing the late seven-time NASCAR champion:

    Johnson: "That’s one regret I have. Again, Richard (Petty) was too far removed for me to say that I had a chance to drive with him on the track. But Dale (Earnhardt), that could have happened. And I so regret that I'll never have that chance to honestly get spun out or crashed by him. That opportunity will never be there for me."

    Menefee: "Really?"

    Johnson: "I mean every kid, especially my generation, that black No. 3, the black No. 3, you know, that's what you wanted to be and race against. And knowing Jeff Gordon as I do and watching him race with Dale all those years and then talking about it with Jeff now there's some really cool experiences there that I would have loved to have had."


  1. Jimmie Johnson, you are no Dale Earnhardt Sr.

    1. Christopher, very funny. You know, back in Earnhardt's era, NASCAR was growing in popularity and tracks were adding seats. In the Johnson era, popularity is stagnant (and that's being generous), and tracks are removing seats and/or closing sections of seating and/or putting those oversize ad banners over previously filled sections of seats. Think your guy may be contributing to these happenings?

  2. Surprise, surprise, Jimmy just voiced one of my greatest dreams. And he never claimed to be a Sr., just like me. No comparison between the 3 of us.