Friday, January 17, 2014

Is NASCAR just 'wrestling on wheels?'

   Frank Jolley, a columnist for The Daily Commercial newspaper in Leesburg, Fla., certainly thinks NASCAR and World Wrestling Entertainment are virtually one and the same and makes no bones about making the comparison.

   Jolley's column is sparked by NASCAR's likely move to alter its points system again this season.

   "I guess with sagging television ratings and acres of empty seats at race tracks, NASCAR has decided to sacrifice reality in an effort to attract new fans and boost viewership," he writes.

   "Why doesn’t NASCAR come out and admit they’re in the sports entertainment business?
It’s become wrestling on wheels."

   You can read the whole column here.


  1. If Nascar racing was a real sport all the drivers would be black.

    1. Yea, and all the cars would be stolen

    2. kingfish, godfrey just ate your lunch, crapppped it out, and served it to you.

  2. Yes. And the NBA is pro wrestling on a basketball court.

  3. I'm baffled by his analysis to reach his conclusion. A team staged a phony caution to help one of its drivers - and what Jolley completely ignores is that NASCAR made a major ruling in effect nullifying that effort. How is NASCAR correcting an act of dirty pool by one of its teams in some way comparable to the staged efforts of BOTH competitors in a wrestling match?

    The criticism of NASCAR was that it allowed multi-car teams to get to that level to begin with. That's not akin to the utter hoax that is World Wrestling - it is exactly the opposite.

    Then citing NASCAR's professed desire to change the points system to better emphasize winning as an example that NASCAR is some kind of dishonest enterprise is a further insult to the intelligence of the reader.

    NASCAR's problem is that it has not known how to handle multi-car teams or the absurd technology arms race that has permeated the sport. Equating this with the act of total dishonesty that is World Wrestling completely misses the point and is merely an exercise in cultural snobbery.

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