Monday, December 2, 2013

Jeff Burton lands a ride for the 2014 NASCAR season

   NASCAR veteran Jeff Burton has landed at least a part-time ride for the 2014 Sprint Cup Series season.

   Michael Waltrip Racing announced on Monday it has contracted Burton to test and drive in a select number of races during the 2014 season in the No. 66 Toyota. Burton, a 21-time winner in the Cup series, will participate in next week's NASCAR test at Charlotte Motor Speedway for MWR.

   In addition, Burton will also test in place of Brian Vickers in the No. 55 Toyota in January at Daytona. Vickers is on medical leave until the end of January. Burton's first race in the No. 66 is scheduled for March 9 at Las Vegas.

   In the upcoming weeks, MWR will announce any other events added to Burton’s schedule.

   Team co-owner Rob Kauffman said Burton will help MWR both on and off the track. 

   “Michael Waltrip Racing has two teams and drivers racing for the NASCAR Sprint Cup championship in 2014 and our third team will play a very important role in that pursuit,” said Kauffman.

   “We were extremely fortunate to have a driver as experienced and respected as Jeff Burton come available. He will be able to have an immediate impact as we continue to strive for that last one percent that separates champions from contenders.”

   Burton said he relishes his new role.

   “I’ve heard all good things from the drivers who raced at MWR over the last couple of years and I certainly have seen how fast their cars have been,” he said. "These are great people who have dedicated themselves to become winners at the highest level. Michael and Rob are so committed to success and I wanted to be a part of that. I’m excited to do something new and will work hard to help the other two teams compete for wins and a championship.”


  1. I always thought Jeff was a smart man and I always liked him. But I guess he is not as smart as I thought and to lower himself to drive the jap cars for a cheater team. Right now Jeff you SUCK

  2. Given that the Toyotas are actually built here in the US, (while the Fords and Chevys aren't), I fear the Professor is off base to why Burton's move is a huge step backwards. I don't care that the TRD is Japanese owned, my problem with is the long history of cheating at MWR