Wednesday, October 23, 2013

NASCAR penalizes Corey LaJoie for Code of Conduct violation

    NASCAR on Wednesday penalized developmental driver Corey LaJoie for a violation of the sport's Code of Conduct.

   LaJoie, 22, was placed on indefinite probation and ordered to undergo sensitivity training for what NASCAR called an "insensitive and intolerable" communication."

   In a message posted to his Twitter account on Oct. 15, LaJoie rhetorically asked whether it was stereotyping to ask TSA to cavity search a man with a turban. 

   George Silbermann, NASCAR's vice president of Regional and Touring Series, said the tweet had "no place in our sport."

   "Each of NASCAR’s 2013 series-specific Rule Books includes our Code of Conduct that unequivocally states our stance specific to the use of demeaning language. We expect our entire industry to adhere to that Code," he said.

   LaJoie has competed in NASCAR's K&N Pro Series East and the Automobile Racing Club of America series. LaJoie has a development driving contract with Richard Petty Motorsports.

   In a statement, LaJoie said he made "an immature and insensitive comment."


  1. Now Nascar is the PC police too. It is a legitimate question; especially when a middle age housewife friend of mine was patted down at the same time as two men wearing turbans walked through security without a second look. The whole TSA is a big joke.

  2. The whole PC thing is totally out of hand. NASCAR, you should be ashamed.

  3. This is the VERY SAME NA$CAR that blanetly LIED to Wendell Scotts face when he won a race, and they GAVE the win to Baker--afraid that Wendell might kiss the trophy girl - then several DYAS later, basically "whispered" to Wendell that in fact he had won. !!! BUT - we have that big hypocritcal "WALRUS", - always scowling and walking around with his polished "badge" that says - "I am the BOSS _--I am GOD - - what "I" say is LAW - - then "Puddin Face" Pemberton follows right along -while Brian sits in his golden office, "breaking" the toy he inherited !! Yeah I know you won't publish this because it;s the TRUTH !!

  4. Grow up, NASCAR. It's no one's right to profess offense at what Corey LaJoie tweeted and it's no one's right to subject him to thought control, which is what "sensitivity training" is nothing more than.