Thursday, October 3, 2013

Does NASCAR have a Republican kind of problem?

   John Dick of CivicScience Inc. - a resaerch company that polls millions of consumers each week - believes NASCAR's problems go much deeper than simple economics - but rather to a problem with its demographics:

   In July, author Gregg Gethard wrote an insightful column for The Classical about the precipitous decline of fan interest in NASCAR. Gethard attributed a drop in race attendance to the "Great Recession," which hit NASCAR's middle-class fans harder than most. With less disposal income, these gear-heads are less likely to gas up their RV, take a few days off work, and shell out cash for infield tickets. 

   But is that the full story?

   The consumer data our company collects suggest a deeper and more systemic problem for NASCAR, one that can't be simply blamed on economic cycles. If you look closer, you find an uncanny similarity between NASCAR's eroding fan base and the deteriorating foundation of another, mostly-white, male-dominated establishment -- the Republican Party.

   You can read the rest of his analysis here.

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  1. So what your saying it was once a great sport and once a great both have lost respect and are falling lower and lower year after year , I agree 100%. The foundation that kept this country strong and made the sport a top draw at one time are being washed away by the new age.