Sunday, September 15, 2013

NASCAR makes changes to restart procedures

   NASCAR officials on Sunday unveiled some changes to race restart procedures which will go into effect immediately.

   The leader of the race will still begin the race in the "restart zone" - lines marked on each track - but once the leader begins to accelerate, the flagman will wave the green flag and the second-place driver can accelerate as well, even if he ends up beating the first place driver to the line.

   There is one other cavaet - all drivers must remain in their respective lane until crossing the start/finish line.   

   Currently, NASCAR's rules state the second place driver cannot beat the first place driver to the start/finish line - although the incidences of exemptions being allowed had been growing in recent seasons. 

   “To be honest with you, it needs to be in the hands of the drivers of who decides these races and not the tower," said NASCAR's vice president of competition, Robin Pemberton. "Things are getting too close and this year we’ve seen more wheel-spin than ever.”


  1. So... MORE rule changes in some kind of futile attempt to revamp the interest that is so obviously flagging? It seems that NASCAR just keeps making it up as they go along - another indicator that the "sport" is continuing it's slide into the same kind of made up "theater" as "World Wide Rasslin..." Maybe they'll end up saying the next winner actually lost because they decided to change a rule in mid race? I'll confess my apathy at this point - I simply think I'm done with NASCAR...

  2. By the way Jim... I don't really mind "proving" that I'm not a robot with the captcha on this blog... but the letters and numbers are just about unreadable. Have to reset the captcha at least 2 or 3 times for every comment isn't very user friendly. Just an FYI...