Sunday, September 8, 2013

Check out the in-car video of Clint Bowyer's controversial spin

   Take a look at the in-car video and listen to the audio of what took place when Clint Bowyer spun out with seven of 400 laps remaining in Saturday night's Federated Auto Parts 400 at Richmond International Raceway. 

   Ryan Newman was leading the race at the time and would have clinched a spot in the Chase. With Edwards winning the race, Bowyer's teammate, Martin Truex Jr., earned the last wild card spot.

   You make the call.


  1. No question... if you listen they were even queuing him on when the 88 was going to be close enough to blame it on.

  2. MWR entered NASCAR cheating, (anyone remember the jet fuel incident), and it certainly appears that policy hasn't changed... but then again, when we see the Hendricks teams get away with it time-&-time again, I guess the mentality is "the only way to beat a cheater is to be a cheater. Its a sad day!

    [NASCAR has asked fans what we would do to make the sport better. My ideas are #1) do away with provisionals and guaranteed starting spots... the fastest 43 make the field. #2) Automatic inspections for cars who drop out early in the race who weren't in accidents. No purse money for "Start-&-Parks". #3) Any team caught obviously cheating, (ala the Hendrick cars what put narrower body panels that were bumped out to fit the "claw"), is automatically out of the chase for the season regardless how well the driver does. For me, Jimmie Johnson winning the championship after the claw incident was a slap in the face of every other team out there as well as the fans! (But hey, that's just one man's opinion.)

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