Monday, August 19, 2013

Who does Mark Martin compare Tony Stewart to?

   NASCAR veteran Mark Martin was officially announced as Tony Stewart's substitute driver for the remainder of the 2013 season at Stewart-Haas Racing. When asked to talk about the opportunity to fill in for Stewart, Martin had this to say about the three-time Sprint Cup Series champion and what other racing legend Martin believes Stewart is similar to:

    "Well, I'm incredibly honored. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding how Tony could possibly feel that way toward me when the guy is so amazing, the modern‑day A.J. Foyt. When I was growing up, A.J. drove anything and everything and was fast and won in everything he drove.  And Tony is the guy today that really does that and is successful at it," Martin said.

   "So it's hard for me to comprehend that, but he's made great friends ‑‑ we've been good friends for quite some time with amazing respect, mutual respect.  It's an honor to be in the situation where we're able to do this. I'm really, really sorry that it comes at the expense of Tony getting hurt.  But one thing I do want to say that is really important here is the amazing amount of cooperation that it took to get this deal done by so many parties, and I haven't seen this much cooperation in the past, and I think it was largely in part for the incredible amount of respect that everyone has in the sport for Tony Stewart."

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