Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Where NASCAR ranks in spending on lobbyists on Capitol Hill

   According to the Center for Responsive Politics, the National Football League spent far and away the most money of any sports league or entity on lobbyists on Capitol Hill in 2012.

   NASCAR was tied for seventh-most with the NCAA and International Speedway Corp., which owns several NASCAR tracks. If you combined NASCAR with ISC, the two would rank fifth-highest.

   The top 2012 spending by major sports organizations:

    1. National Football League - $1,140,000
    2. Ultimate Fighting Championship - $620,000
    3. Professional Golfer's Association - $380,000
    4. Major League Baseball - $310,000
    5. Bowl Championship Series - $270,000
    6. U.S. Olympic Committee - $240,000
    T-7. National Collegiate Athletic Association - $150,000
    T-7. NASCAR - $150,000

    T-7. International Speedway Corp. - $150,000
    9. National Basketball Association - $125,000
    10. National Football League Player's Association - $120,000

   You can see the Center for Responsive Politics' report here.

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  1. And this is relevant to what? If the Center For Responsive Politics is concerned about lobbying, maybe they should instead look at whether government should be meddling in those industries to begin with - there's no lobby for industries like veterinary medicine that the government leaves alone.