Saturday, July 20, 2013

The driver feud that won't end continues at Bowman Gray Stadium

This week's incident

A wild driver feud at Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, N.C., which became a YouTube hit this week, took another crazy turn on Saturday night.

Bryant Robertson, who was spun from the lead a week earlier by Derek Stoltz, slammed into Stoltz’s car under caution in the closing stages of the second of two Sportsman races Saturday night. Robertson was immediately suspended for the remainder of the 2013 season by track officials.

Last week, Mike Robertson, Bryant's brother, climbed aboard Stoltz's car and was dragged across the track and flung into a wall. Mike Robertson felt like he got bumped out of the way by Stoltz. Stoltz said he felt Mike was blocking for his brother Bryant.

Last week's incident:


  1. The Sportsman ironic.

    1. Well they never called it the 'Good' Sportsman Series....

    2. Racin' and Wrasslin' , two shows for the price of one !

  2. It's Bowman Gray! The Madhouse. Happens all the time. This one just went viral. They pack the stadium EVERY Saturday night they race. Have for years. I told my wife four or five years ago that if NASCAR was serious about "fixing" Cup they needed to spend time in Winston - Salem at the Madhouse. Oh, by the way, the racing is great too. The Whelen Modifieds put on a great show. Bumping, banging, pushing, shoving, wheel banging and using the car in front of you for braking. 1/4 mile flat track around a football field. 61 to 62 mph average speed. This is where rubbin' is racin'. Yes, tempers can flair, but it's the nature of the track.