Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Statement from H.A. "Humpy" Wheeler on NASCAR's new TV deal


   "Is this better for them than the ESPN-ABC deal?  Is the parking meter full of dimes or quarters? With no info on the meter who knows? However, I think the meter is pretty full. If so, it is a major step for NASCAR and NBC. NBC stuck its toe in NASCAR waters a few years ago but I think they are much more serious this time.

   "Mark Lazaurus (NBC sports president) has been around a long time and knows NASCAR from the time he spent with Turner. They've done some good stuff lately and the new NBC Sports Channel will greatly benefit NASCAR particularly if they show a lot of the minor league races like the modifiers and K&N. The sport needs that to show off new talent and we are sadly lacking that now."


  1. Let's hope that NBC will do a better job promoting NASCAR than ESPN has done. I agree with Humpy's comment that more exposure of the modifieds & K&N series would help. I used to tune into Speed to watch a variety of racing series, then that went away for "lifestyle" programming. Maybe NASCAR got smart and put in some coverage clauses instead of just taking the money and walking away.

  2. I agree with GinaV24. Perhaps NBC can add some dirt track/sprint cars/etc. to fill the schedule. It will be interesting to see who the commentators are. "That's Racin" should have an online vote listing the various commentators (both men and women), and have the fans chose their top 4.
    Might be fun to match the fan results to the real thing.

  3. As long as NBC doesn't hire a Waltrip, I'll be happy.

  4. In the big picture, if there aren't more fans in the stands does it really matter which TV network is covering NASCAR racing. I'm seeing way too many empty seats in the last few years.

  5. I can only hope and pray Chuck Howard does not land a gig with NBC. Last I heard he was doing High School Football which is where he belongs. Better yet how about having that narcissistic MoFo move back to Buffalo and build a NASCAR track. He can take all of the other idiots from Buffalo back with him. Never seen a more overrated individual whom thinks so highly of himself. Napoleon Syndrome?

  6. The sport does not need promotion, it needs better racing and a far more honest appraisal from its broadcast partners.

    Also needed is answers about how much NBC is spending on NASCAR's non-Cup series - ESPN and SPEED/FOX SPORTS 1 spent a pittance on the Nationwide and Truck Series to where financially they've been a money-loser (hence the closing of the Gateway and Nashville tracks because they couldn't get Cup dates and stand-alone N'wide/Trucks got little to nothing in TV money). If NBC is serious they'll put some real money into the support series as well as Cup.