Sunday, July 14, 2013

NASCAR set to unveil R&D and competition side changes on Monday

  NASCAR is set to unveil a set of initiatives on Monday which will include several changes to its research and development and competition areas, sources familiar with the changes told the Observer. 

   NASCAR has scheduled briefing with members of the media on Monday at its research and development center in Concord in which it is expected to address the changes.

   According to sources, among the changes to be adapted include ending the practice of NASCAR inspectors being assigned to specific series; a change to the process for approval of parts; and a change to the process of how and how often cars are inspected each weekend at the race track.

   A reshuffling or reclassification of some responsibilities of personnel is also likely, sources said. 

   NASCAR officials elected to defer comment until their briefing on Monday.
   The initiatives have been in the works for some time but do address issues which arose as recently as last week at Daytona when 31 Sprint Cup and Nationwide teams had roof-flap spacers confiscated because they did not conform to rules.

   NASCAR eventually elected not to penalize the teams.
   Several teams recently penalized by NASCAR or had parts confiscated for being unapproved have complained of difficulties with the approval process.

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